Types Of Paint Finishes

Paint Finishes

Sheen options vary by manufacturer, but share some common characteristics. As durability improves across all sheen levels with newer paints, many people are finding creative ways to mix and match them. Be more experimental in your use of paint finish, to create an impact and texture within a scheme. Know you can trust The Paint Guys in your decision making. They do this every day and make it their job to pay attention to detail, to know what you are looking for and achieve your vision. The end result is going to not only be pleasing, but will reward you with a final finished product that you can be proud of and share with your friends and family.

Matte paint:

  • is the least reflective sheen available
  • has a velvety texture
  • helps hides imperfections in walls and ceilings
  • offers great depth of color
  • is generally considered the standard sheen for walls
  • can sometimes be difficult to clean

Eggshell and satin paint (satin is slightly glossier than eggshell):

  • have some reflectivity
  • offer improved durability
  • are frequently used in demanding environments, like kitchens and bathrooms, where easy cleanup without a highly glossy finish is desired.

Semi-gloss and gloss paint:

  • are the most reflective sheens
  • are highly durable and stand up to multiple cleanings
  • are traditionally used on baseboards, moldings, and doors
  • can make a statement, but also highlight imperfections

 It’s all about how you want to set the atmosphere of your home. A matte sheen gives you a calm and serene feeling, because of that textural element. On the other end of the spectrum, gloss adds energy and excitement.

As for eggshell and satin, for this you may want to use them in smaller spaces with little natural light. A satin finish is great in a powder room, it reflects the light to bring out the color.