Giving Back To The Community-Evangel Hall Mission Drop-In

Client Testimonial From Avangel Hall Mission Drop-In

We serve meals and give support to over 165 people who are homeless or are in-need, 365 days a year in our Drop In Centre. We need to offer a clean and welcoming environment that gives people a sense of hope and optimism. The Paint Guys repaired the walls, advised us on choosing paint that can withstand that level of activity, and helped us to create an atmosphere that leaves our participants feeling welcome and valued. It was a huge job that needed to be done with as little disruption as possible to our clients and staff. We were amazed at how professional, efficient, and knowledgeable The Paint Guys were. Staff, volunteers and participants can’t believe the transformation, and how uplifting the space is now. Our maintenance staff are impressed at the quality of work. Thank you! We look forward to working with you again!

         Ainsley Chapman, Executive Director

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