Our Priority

With the current situation we are all living through, the health and safety of our clients, contractors, and our employees will always be our utmost priority. 

Exterior Projects

Despite the current Covid-19 situation, The Paint Guys are confident that our exterior season will not be affected whatsoever. We plan to begin once the temperatures warm up more reliably. 

Interior Projects

Work areas within the home will be sectioned off where possible.  Painters will not enter into non-work areas, including bathrooms. 
We ask that homeowners remain out of work areas at all times.
Windows and doors will remain open weather permitting at all times.
Access may occasionally be needed to areas outside of immediate work areas. If and when this is necessary, notice will be given to clients ahead of time, and either physical distancing, and/or vacating of home will be required.

Our Painters

Painters Will Not Be Permitted To Work If They Are Feeling Unwell.

Painters must a) wash hands with soap and water before entering, b) wear gloves/masks at all times, c) take breaks and lunch outside of job sites on front porch/vehicle, d) not use bathroom facilities, and e) work individually whenever possible.

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