Beautiful Historical Home in Oakville

This beautiful historical home went from dull to dashing after The Paint Guys got a hold of a paint brush and some top quality paint. Off they went and here is the end result.

A little information you might not know about. When painting the exterior of a Historical home, you must get approval from the city on the choice of colour:

A heritage permit is required prior to any alteration to a designated property that is likely to result in the loss, removal, obstruction, replacement, damage or destruction of one or more heritage features on the property. Generally, a heritage permit is required for any large-scale work that would also require a building permit, demolition permit or other formal approvals by the Town and other government agencies. Examples of work that may require a Heritage Permit include:

 All new construction including new additions to existing structures and new independent structures such as garages, sheds, porches, decks and steps

 Alteration, addition, removal or replacement of windows, doors, porches, verandahs, chimneys, cladding, roofing material, trim and other exterior details of a structure

 Demolition of a structure or part of a structure

 Change in paint colour of exterior elements of a structure

 New signage

 Hard landscaping such as the alteration, addition, removal or replacement of patios, fences, gates, trellises, arbours, gazebos, retaining walls and walkways.